Above & Beyond Garden

Above &
Beyond Garden

Designing your outdoor space to fit your aesthetic and lifestyle.


Above & Beyond Gardens specialise in helping their clients increase the beauty of their homes by designing elegant outdoor living spaces. They create beautiful garden designs by combining materials, colour, planting and lighting.


Above & Beyond Gardens approached us during the initial stages of the business as they needed a logo that would show elegance and difference within the their industry. One key request during our briefing process was that we stayed away from greens, browns and more natural colours. It was important that the client had a brand that punched out from it’s competitors.

For us that was pretty exciting, we jumped into looking at various colour palettes that gave a high end feel whilst still suiting the industry that they are situated in. In the end, purples, pinks and charcoal was chosen. These vibrant core colours of the purples reflected the wonder of an English summer, showcasing bursts of different flowers that give impact to an outdoor space, against more contemporary slate tones that help marry the core brand visuals.


  • Brand Identity
  • Business Stationery
  • Marketing Materials


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